Testimonie 03

 “Principals of Ricker | Cunningham masterfully wed community vision with market reality by giving their clients the tools to make that vision a reality. Their recommendations have already resulted in policy changes, urban design standards, and a transformation of the City’s organizational structure to enable the City of Fort Worth to redirect its resources to focus on central city redevelopment.”

- Christine Maguire, Project Manager, Commercial Corridors Revitalization Strategy, Fort Worth, TX; Currently – Redevelopment Manager, City of Austin, TX

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Testimonies 02

"Ricker | Cunningham combines expertise in public policy with thorough knowledge of the market forces that drive real estate development.  Their advice is invariably practical, yet inspired by fresh insights into familiar issues.  The results of their work have met or exceeded all of our expectations."

- Fernando Costa, Assistant City Manager, City of Fort Worth

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Testimonies 01

“Principals of Ricker | Cunningham helped Downtown Lincoln – not only communicate with developers, but position us as a market to be looked at – in fact, linked us up with developers who are now doing projects in Lincoln.”

- Polly McMullen, Executive Director, Downtown Lincoln Association, Lincoln, NE

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